Objective of Solution

A digital platform in “COVID-19 Stranded Migrants Helpdesk Platform” for helping in efforts of NGOs and Govt of Jharkhand towards reaching out to the migrant workers from Jharkhand state who have got stranded in other states due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown imposed across states.


Research, Design, Development, and everything was covered in just 3 days for the first release, in almost a hackathon mode!

Background Details

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic followed by lockdown, migrant workers from States like Jharkhand have landed up in very difficult situations that need explicit attention and support specifically through Government channels.

Role & Duration

Solely UI/UX Designer

Interviews, Personas, Task Analysis, Sketches & Wifreframes, UI Design, Prototyping, Testing & Coding

March - May 2020


Who are the users?

Helpdesk Members

To connect by call, fill the data and status for follow-up of stranded Migrants

Authority Admins

To check the analytics of the follow-ups, recorded data and generate reports

NGO Members

To generate the report and follow-up with Migrant in nearby connected areas


The data was being gathered using Google forms but Authorities soon realized that with the quality of data gathered and manual mode of reporting and visualization, it will soon be a nightmare to carry out their day-to-day activities. Besides, it would have led to slippages, gaps and ineffective tracking.

UX Process

Because of agile and immediate deadlines, we adapted the double diamond User Experience Design Process

phase 1 - discover

User Research

The whole week, every day 3-4 Zoom meetings were conducted with NGO Team, Govt. IT Officers and Helpdesk Operators Research surrounded:

  • Understanding the needs and context of use.
  • Understanding the procedure of collecting the data of migrants.
  • Level of roles in the tracking and follow-up with migrants.
  • Demographics, History Data management & Record Call Details

phase 2 - Define

Qualitative Information

User research was quintessential. I gathered as much as I could from the end-users to understand the challenges they face and how they see the app making a difference in optimizing pain areas.

  • Higher productivity in handling requests and collaborating for reaching out to the needy
  • Consolidated and reliable data quality
  • Effective collaboration amongst Government and non-government organizations and channels
  • Leveraging data analytics and visualization for identification of hotspots and effective prioritization
  • End to end closure of Help Request
  • Dashboards and automated report generations

User Personas

The research made it evident how different users would use the app differently. To cater to this, I categorized them into three user profiles based on their goals and tasks

The Solution & Goals insights

After conducting user interviews, contextual inquiry and analyzing the gathered data, I was able to categorize the insights into these 3 categories

End-to-end management of helpdesk requests including follow-ups, tracking and closures on all help requests, collaboration with Government departments and Civil Society Organizations, automated generation of Reports, dashboards, analytics and data visualizations.

Information & Userflow Overview

Sketches & Wifreframes

For immediate testing with the user using a minimum of resources. Example: wireframes, paper prototype.

I opted to sketch my designs on paper. I used paper prototyping techniques to bring designs to life and evaluate them with our users.


  • Aesthetic Integrity - Aesthetic integrity represents how well an application's appearance and behavior integrates with its function. Demonstrate respect and empathy for their time and attention through thoughtful and elegant craftsmanship.
  • Clarity - Eliminate ambiguity. Enable users to see, understand, and act with confidence.
  • Efficiency - Streamline and optimize workflows. Intelligently anticipate needs to help users perform tasks better, smarter, and faster.
  • Design as the "Mutual Friend" - Helping minimize uncertainties and setting expectations is critical for the user. Remedy lets users know that we care, are there for them, and will do everything to help. Like a good friend, who accompanies you to the hospital, we're there for you when you need us.

Admin Dashboard

Efficiently manage work or collect data from individuals or large groups. View built-in reports getting insights for faster decision making

  1. Dashboard for Admin
  2. Assignment for follow-up action
  3. Prioritization of call records based on severity and urgency
  4. Saving follow-up action details
  5. Charts and Visualizations
  6. Prioritization of call records based on severity and urgency

Admin Management

Manage User, Organizations and Report Generation in three levels

  1. Manage User
  2. Add/Delete Users
  3. Manage Organisation
  4. Generate reports with timeline State, National and District Level
  5. Adding or removal of a member, change in designation, permissions for each user are based on the organization data.

Assignment & Status of Migrants

Manage User, Organizations and Report Generation in three levels

  1. Form for Follow-up and details for Migrants.
  2. Assigning the details to other organizations.

Helpdesk Operator

Easy CTA & Never miss out on a task according to priorities

  1. Onboard CTA for Filling the form.
  2. List of the records with the status and assignment of the calls.
  3. Always be aware of the tasks of the Recorded call with the multiple filters and update the status after follow-up.

Migrants Travel Status

Migrants Details & Status of Travel Registrations in every State

  1. Search the data of Migrants going to travel.
  2. Status of traveling request and Number of travelers.

Migrants Travel Status

Collaboration moved easy with different NGOs and nearby organizations to follow-up and facilitates help Migrants

  1. Assigning to other departments/organizations/NGOs.
  2. Follow-up Status, adding new and History.

Task Analysis

Helpdesk member

professionals & receptionist


  • Effective collaboration amongst Government and non-government organizations and channels
  • Leveraging data analytics and visualization for identification of hotspots and effective prioritization
  • End to end closure of Help Requests
  • Visualization and Data Analytics of 1,000,00 Migrants all over India.


  • Lots of challenges to complete each step of research and deliveries in minimum days of time
  • Talking with more people and working with more people gives a lot of new ideas.
  • Listen to people (user or stakeholders)
  • Engage developers in the ideation stage
  • Deliver work in layers

Glimpse over using application in real time


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